5 Ways to Increase Your Customer Reviews

By corkcrm | July 18, 2018 | Start a Painting Business | No Comments

Make customer happy and they will write great reviews about your businessYou know your customers are happy. But how can you get them to talk about it? One of the quickest and cheapest ways to build a client base is by letting past clients do the marketing for you. Unfortunately, customers are more likely to leave feedback on review sites if they were displeased with your services, and glowingly positive reviews are few and far between. Here are five ways you can encourage those happy customers to sing your praises. 

Use Review Sites That Work For Your Company
Choose a couple of review sites that are easy to use and focus on those when soliciting feedback. Some popular review sites for professionals are Yelp, Angie's List, and Houzz. These sites simplify and expedite the review process by giving clients a user-friendly platform to share comments and suggestions online. Select one or two of these outlets ‒ the ones you are most comfortable utilizing ‒ and provide these to clients whenever you are requesting reviews. 

Include Review Sites on Your Business Cards
Your business cards are for improving business, so why not use them to gain valuable feedback? Add a review site URL and some simple instructions to your card. You'll likely see a nice boost in customer comments. 

Ask for Reviews Via Email
Sending an email is one of the most efficient ways to ask for reviews from clients. Reach out to customers to thank them for their business and ask how they felt about the project. If they were satisfied with your work, ask them to visit a designated review site to leave their recommendation. If they have some grievances, this is a great way to address the issue before they start sharing their discontent with the entire interweb. 

Add a 'Reviews' Tab to Your Website
When homeowners are seeking out contractors for a project, they'll visit numerous company websites in the process of picking the perfect one. Boost reviews and expand your clientele by offering a tab on your website where past customers and new leads can post and read testimonials about your services. This will not only help you secure more customer comments; it will also enhance the legitimacy of your company by showing potential customers that you've already generated some very happy campers. 

Offer Discounts to Customers Who Write Reviews or Reference Letters
Who doesn't love saving money? Perhaps the most effective way to garner customer feedback is by providing an incentive ‒ namely, a discount on your services. Leaving a review is easy, and most clients will eagerly offer their comments in exchange for a small price cut. Even better, a discount will prompt customers to return when they start mapping out their next home improvement project. Everybody wins.

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